Cultural Learning in Early Years – Focus Group - 7 December 2021

A focus group to understand the needs of those working in early years contexts & how A New Direction might be able to support them

A New Direction is committed to supporting cultural education opportunities for all children and young people across the capital. As part of this, we are currently investigating the needs around arts and cultural learning in the early years, to identify where we, and potentially others, could be most useful in supporting the sector over the coming years.

We know there is already great work happening in this area, from productive partnership working between early years settings and cultural organisations, to long-standing specialist support networks, and inspiring practice and pedagogy in settings. However, we also know that there are many areas where, whilst appetite to develop more cultural opportunities for young children might be strong, the capacity to do so is limited.

With your help – and alongside research being undertaken independently by World Pencil Ltd – we’re aiming to build an informed understanding of how, working with many partners, we might make a strategic investment programme in London’s early years cultural learning landscape.

This online focus group is an opportunity for you to be a part of the conversation and help shape a future programme. It will also be a chance for us to get a better understanding of current early years cultural provision and how we may be best placed to support work already being done in this area.

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07 December 2021


1:00PM 2:00PM



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