The Connected Lab

The Connected Lab is a peer learning programme for those leading or managing Cultural Education Partnerships, or consortia working at the intersections of culture, creativity, the public sector, the commercial realm, education and the youth sector

Building on the success of the Connected Network, we are pleased to offer this new developmental opportunity. The Connected Lab will see leaders and change-makers collaborating and learning from each other about how to create systemic changes at a local and regional level.

The programme will incorporate group sessions, guest speakers, networking, an online lab and a range of tailored support.

What's involved?

The programme will run from January to July 2019.

We expect participants to attend one session between February and April and two sessions between April and July, as well as participate in a range of other supporting activity.

This supporting activity might include ‘buddying’ with another London-based partnership and taking part in ‘shadowing’ exchanges to share practice, contributing to questions posed in an online forum or submitting resources to share, or attending one or more optional additional face-to-face sessions.

The timetable will be confirmed in January 2019 following discussions with participants who have signed up, with the first session taking place later in the spring term.


To be eligible, you must be leading the development of or managing the activity of a cultural partnership or consortium that:

  • Aims to impact directly on children and young people in London
  • Includes representatives from and works across multiple sectors and artforms, rather than on a particular discipline

We would expect there to be only one participant from any given partnership.

Applications for this programme are now closed

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