Siodhna O'Dowd

Creative Arts Leader, Wellington Primary school (Tower Hamlets)

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About me

I have been teaching for 11 years and have been at Wellington Primary School for 9 years, teaching all years from Nursery up to Year 6. My background is in performing arts and I am keen to enable children to tap into their own creativity and self-expression. I am in my fourth year leading the Creative Arts at my school, and this year I cover PPA. I am especially passionate about wellbeing for both staff and students and also teach yoga both in and out of school.

Participating in A New Direction's Cultural Leadership Community and embarking on the Artsmark journey has enabled me to help my school develop, despite the constraints of budgets and time. This is mainly down to being part of a valuable network of like-minded teachers who inspire and support me. I now hope to be able to offer others support through the Advocates programme.



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  • Wellbeing for staff and students
  • Artsmark
  • Arts ambassadors
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