Laura Nichols

Creativity Coordinator, Charlotte Sharman Primary School (Southwark)

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About me

I am the Creativity Coordinator at Charlotte Sharman Primary School in Southwark, where we have developed a new knowledge-based curriculum with rich texts, the arts and humanities subjects at the core of learning. We have formed long-standing partnerships with local cultural organisations to enhance our curriculum and develop children's cultural capital.

I also run a network of primary school art teachers and leaders in Southwark and the surrounding area. In partnership with the outreach practitioner from London College of Communication, we provide teacher CPD and opportunities for schools to work with specialist lecturers and student ambassadors to support the creative curriculum in schools. Every year, children's work is celebrated with the community in our summer exhibition which showcases the projects teachers have been working on supported by the network. Alongside this, network meetings take place at different arts and cultural venues in Southwark, where we find out about the educational offer for schools and how we can work collaboratively to increase children's cultural capital in their local area. Teachers share plans, resources and ideas to support each other in delivering a creative, exciting curriculum in schools.



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  • Building a network of teachers and leaders
  • Collaborating with cultural venues
  • Working in partnership with universities to develop your cultural offer

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Twitter handle: @SouthwwarkArts