In-Schools Touring

Bringing high quality arts experiences into your school through performances and workshops

Five organisations are working with us to deliver the programme – their offers are outlined in full on the pages that follow.

Participating schools receive:

  • A performance (or experience) lasting around 1 hour, for all classes in one year group.
  • An in-class workshop lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour, for each class in the same year group, further exploring the artform, themes and curriculum areas linked to the performance.
  • A one-hour teacher twilight CPD session in the fortnight prior to the performance, to support whole-school engagement, teacher and pupil learning.
  • A range of resources to support communication and learning about the performance, including information for pupils, staff and families, and classroom activities.
  • A box of creative materials worth around £350 to support creative classroom activities.
  • Booklists linked to the programme curated by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education.
  • A set of books worth around £150 to support reading for pleasure linked to the programme.

Touring Offers & Resources

Access & Inclusion

Each offer is suitable for at least one Key Stage and can be adapted to work for pupils with additional needs whether in mainstream or SEND settings. Where needed, our Touring Access & Inclusion Adviser will liaise with your school and work with our cultural partners to ensure that the programme meets your pupils’ needs.


Primary Arts is open to all state primary mainstream and special schools in London. The programme is designed to include children in all primary year groups from Reception to Year 6.

Your school must be in a London borough to be eligible for the programme. If your school or a member of your school staff is participating in another area of the Primary Arts programme, you are still eligible to make a booking request for this strand of the programme.

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