Making Dance Possible for All

Explore how dance can be used to support the creativity, learning & wellbeing of learners of all abilities

Dance offers children and young people an opportunity to explore, discover and express their experiences of the world around them, understand themselves in relation to others, and is a way of being seen and celebrated.

In this short video, Juliet and Peter from icandance will lead you through a CPD session where you will:

  • Learn the basic elements of dance
  • Explore the benefits of dance
  • Explore the icandance approach to dance
  • Explore what dance offers each learner and how to support each learner to dance, to develop their awareness of, and relationship with, themselves and others
  • Learn how to use dance as an opportunity to support learners’ creativity, learning and wellbeing
  • Develop an understanding of the key features for making dance accessible and celebratory for all

Watch below

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Through sharing strategies, offering practical examples and case studies, the session will help teachers to develop their understanding of how to work with learners’ identified needs and reimagine dance for all.

Communication to Support Inclusive Dance

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As part of I Am Festival 2021 Juliet Diener, icandance Founder and CEO, chatted to icandance's Young Ambassadors to offer some strategies for effective communication in the inclusive dance space. Watch their chat above!


This video touches on using dance as a tool for developing health and emotional wellbeing, whole child development, and inclusion and access – all areas of priority for Artsmark schools. If this video becomes the starting point for developing dance within your school, make sure you reference it in your Statement of Impact. Even though this is not a live, traditional INSET session, you can still use it to partly evidence the CPD criteria.

If you would like to discuss how an Artsmark journey might support your school, the next steps, and for any questions, please book onto one our upcoming support calls.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Image credit: icandance

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