Arts Award is ten!

18 September 2015

Arts Award celebrates their 10th year anniversary next month. Take part and join the celebration!

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Arts Award is ten

Arts Award was launched in October 2005 so this month they are celebrating their 10th year. Arts Award advisers and centres – new and long-standing, Arts Award Supporter organisations and young people who love the arts are all invited to join their celebration. Read more

Thousands sign petition against abolition of creative writing A-level

Teachers and students have said the subject is “rigorous and challenging” and helps develop students’ creative thinking and critical reading skills, which they argue are “highly valued by employers”. An online petition against the move has attracted more than 3,200 signatures so far. The Department for Education announced last week that the qualification would be axed from 2017, just four years after it was first introduced for teaching in 2013. Read more

Degree holders 'more likely to participate in the arts'

A sociologist believes he has unravelled the reason why middle-class people are more likely to play music, paint and act. It is not wealth or social status that is strongly linked to people taking part in the arts - but having a degree. Read more

‘Young people must be consulted on reforms to A-levels and GCSEs’

Professor Janette Elwood from Queen’s University Belfast is concerned about the lack of consultation with students over exam reform. Read more

Imagi-Nation: The business of creativity

A report, developed together with Ian Livingstone CBE, Entrepreneur/Creative Industries Council, looks at the health of the UK’s creative economy and pushes the creative agenda in the UK. It provides an overview of the current state of play within the UK’s Creative Industries. Read more

Brave Femininities in Graphic Design

The GirlHood, in partnership with Design Week and Creative Review, is hosting a free workshop tomorrow for young women at the V&A as part of the London Design Festival. Brave Femininities in Graphic Design is creative protest where attendees can explore contemporary culture and learn practical design skills to fight against narrowing female stereotypes and instead promote the power of female potential. Book now

Lucy Powell: Labour would bring all academies and free schools back under local control

Lucy Powell, appointed by Mr Corbyn this week as shadow education secretary, has spelled out plans to bring existing academies and free schools back in line with other state-maintained schools. The move is a major departure from the party’s established stance on the academies programme and signals a further repositioning of Labour away from the reforms introduced by the Tony Blair administrations. Read more