Place-Based Approaches: Characteristics and Learning

Two new papers in a building collection of place-based intelligence, focused on learning beyond the arts

Increasingly A New Direction has been exploring more holistic approaches to place-based challenges; including its work with Creative People and Places, its cultural investment programme, Challenge London, and its support for Cultural Education Partnerships. These are place-based programmes that seek to connect partners across different sectors for a greater impact through arts and culture. However, there was a sense that perhaps we as a sector are behind the curve; that there were potentially relevant lessons we could learn if we looked beyond our own practices.

The resulting documents are two-fold: a paper outlining different approaches within place-based work, which draws upon the learning for cultural programmes from 8 worldwide place-based initiatives; and a case study detailing the personal journey of leadership in establishing the Birmingham SEHM Pathway programme, which supports those wrongly placed in Social, Emotional and Mental Health schools.

Read them both below

read the full paper here

read the SEHM PATHWAY case study here