‘Brexit may force progress on arts education’, MPs told

3 February 2017

Also this week: British museums and art galleries hit by 2m fall in visitors

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Picture credit: Kingsmead School, photographed by Roger Brown

‘Brexit may force progress on arts education’, MPs told

Leaving the European Union presents opportunities to make education policy and the visa system more responsive to the needs of the creative industries, a select committee has heard. Read more

British museums and art galleries hit by 2m fall in visitors

The number of visitors to the UK’s major museums and galleries fell by more than 2 million last year, the first decline in almost a decade. Fewer school trips, security fears and a lack of blockbuster exhibitions blamed for decline at UK’s major attractions. Read more

Arts Council must “radically improve” young person diversity monitoring

Arts organisations should understand the make-up of their young participants as well as they understand their adult audiences, a report has concluded. Read more

Film-makers alienated by Trump are welcome in London – Sadiq Khan

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said he wants London to take over from Los Angeles as one of the film capitals of the world and attract the diverse industry talent who no longer feel welcome in Donald Trump’s America. Read more

Library cuts reflected in 30% drop in adult visitors over a decade

Campaigners say fall in adult visitors over 10 years shows ‘it’s time to stop talking about the dismantling of library services and instead to demand action’. Read more

RAD announces plans for a new purpose-built headquarters

The new building will be almost double the size of our current premises, offering better facilities, a performance space, studios, library and archive. Read more

Restoration of the Paolozzi mosaics at Tottenham Court Road station complete

The final stages of the Eduardo Paolozzi mosaic restoration process has been completed. Around 95 percent of the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road station finished by the artist in 1986 were retained. Read more


Creativity Works: Fashion - Content Production & Online Marketing

Creativity Works Fashion is a 4 week intensive programme getting to grips with how fashion designers and brands market and PR themselves through content on online platforms. Find out more

The Robot Zoo

This family-friendly exhibition features larger-than-life animals that have been innovatively recreated using a variety of familiar machine parts and gadgets to reveal how their real life counterparts see, eat, hunt and hide. Find out more

Suffragettes study day

This is an exciting new two-part study day which gives students the opportunity to visit both the Museum of London and the Royal Courts of Justice. Read more