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16 August 2013

Did you know there is currently more than 3,000 apprenticeships available in London?

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(Orignal image: 'Wrapping, Sketching and Mapping' by Artist Lisa Price, taken from Hackney Wicked website)

Hackney Wicked

The Art Festival returns in Hackney this weekend. The festival aims to champion creativity through exhibitions, open studios, performance, music and workshops. An opportunity not to be missed! Read more

You can also read a full feature article from an about the festival here

Only the beginning...

A spoken word event aimed at aspiring poets, wordsmiths and lyricists aged 16-21 years. This weekend, the intensive 2-day workshop will use spoken word and poetry to creatively explore the experiences of the riots of August 2011 and the issues behind them. Read more

Abandoned Ambitions?

A new research from The Prince's Trust shows that struggling school leavers need more vocational support. The research shows that one in six young people believes they will "end up on benefits", and this increases to more than one in three among those leaving school with poor grades. Read more

More apprenticeships

More than 3,000 apprenticeships are available in London according to figures released by The National Apprenticeship Service. Read more

Clearing 2013

There has been a fall in the proportion of A-levels awarded top grades for the second year in a row, results showed this week. Read more

'Universities should give preference to disadvantaged students'

David Willetts, the universities minister said this week that universities should consider giving preference to disadvantaged students from poorly performing schools. He added that the under-representation of poor teenagers at Universities is "pretty shocking". Read more

More Shakespeare for schools

Globe Education's Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank is a new website that offers a collection of free online resources, aimed to support the study of Shakespeare in schools. Read more

What next for creative jobs?

Simon Ofield-Kerr, Vice-Chancellor at the University for Creative Arts looks at areas of growth and opportunity in the creative job market. Read more

Pupils 'left out in the cold by lack of workplace skills'

The British Chambers of Commerce said this week that too many school and university leavers don't have the right work ethic, skills or experience to get a job. Read more

Young Poets With Bite

Young poet Lewis Buxton is August's From one young creative to another. Read more