Creativity Works: Podcasting WEEK 4

Programme Officer Lucy Carasco shares the highlights and takeaways as it comes closer to the end of Creativity Works: Podcasting

27 November 2020

Monday 23rd Nov

Engineer Phill Brown talked through how he would begin editing the audio of a podcast. As an example, he used an old podcast project and he found the original RAW files and went through it as he would when first approaching the edit.

“in emotional interviews you want to give time to the listener to process what is going on”

Tuesday 24th Nov

In the AM Lainey Malkani & Zoe Edwards from Somethin' Else came and spoke about the process of getting your ideas from brief to broadcast. In the PM the group had 1-1 technical tutorials with Rich & Nico.

Lainey Malkani – spoke about how to receive feedback and develop a story when its personal to yourself – this was done through her radio 4 series ‘Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas’

Zoe Edward – On creating a podcast alongside Netflix series ‘The Crown’

Wednesday 25th Nov

We were joined by Nicole Logan (Reduced Listening) and Alice Williams (Table Manners – Jessie Ware) to speak about their roles within development production.

Next week is a big recording and editing week for the group as they start to see their podcasts coming together.

There will also be a couple of talks in-between all the editing, including MONEY + USP and MAKING IT PAY with Steve Ackerman, Nya Rayburn, and Ruth Fitzsimons and PRESS ARTWORK PROMOTION with Thilini Gunaratna (One Show), Emma Ladsown and Alex Elder from Somethin’ Else.