'Give the arts as much weight as sciences'

23 January 2015

Schools should give as much weight to the arts as they do to science and maths, according to leading author and educationalist Sir Ken Robinson.

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Sir Ken Robinson: give the arts as much weight as sciences

Writing in this week’s TES, Sir Ken said the arts are frequently relegated to the fringes of the curriculum, on the basis that they are less useful in economic terms than other subjects. Read more

Vaizey vows to make cultural education a priority

The Conservative Party has pledged to support cultural education and arts training if it wins the general election in May, with culture minister Ed Vaizey claiming they are among his top priorities. Read more

Arts Council England invests in evidence of arts impact

A Research Grants Programme worth around £2.5m over the next three years is aiming to “build and improve the evidence base around the impact of art and culture on individuals and society”. Read more

Almost 60 million primary-age children still not in school

Progress on raising primary school enrolment around the world has stalled after a period of rapid growth, according to an Unesco report. The study reveals that as of 2012, 58 million primary-age children were still not in education, with two-fifths of them unlikely ever to set foot in a classroom. Read more

The business case for Building a Creative Nation

Employing interns, apprentices and trainees isn't just a good thing to do, it also makes real business sense. Here's why

Too many young people 'off the radar'

Too many youngsters in England fall "off the radar" when they leave school, the Public Accounts Committee has said. The committee says local councils do not know what large numbers of 16- to 18-year-olds in their areas are doing and fail to give them adequate support. Read more

Tech firms support computing lessons

Technology giants such as Google and O2 are to support a £3.6m drive to teach computing skills in primary schools in England, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has announced. Read more

Museums + Heritage Awards 2015 Culture Pros Pick – nominate now

This is your chance to nominate the UK museum, institution, centre or site that you think is a shining example within the cultural sector for its ground-breaking approach to engaging with audiences and visitors in 2014-15. Read more

King Arthur: Key Stage 2 Schools Concert

Join instrumentalists and singers from the Early Opera Company and presenter Isabelle Adams for a magical musical story featuring King Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere and England’s Patron Saint, George. Adapted from Purcell’s opera and using extracts of the original music, we will tell an alternative tale of King Arthur on an adventure through golden fields, icy forests and epic battles. Read more

Grand Curriculum Designs

A pioneering programme for curriculum leaders, enabling real and sustainable school improvement through practice-focused professional development. The programme provides the tools, expertise and space for reflection that curriculum leaders need to redesign their learning offer. It provides the knowledge and skills required to develop curricula that are flexible, innovative and responsive to the needs of each school's students and communities. Read more

The Creative Society's Winter Talks: Top Tips on Freelancing for Creatives

A series of talks to help kick-start your career in the creative industries. If you’re coming to the end of your internship, apprenticeship or studies and are wondering what’s next, this is for you. Our speakers are experienced creative industry professionals who will cover essential topics for starting your career, including freelancing, marketing yourself and job searching tips. Read more