Global Media and Entertainment

Connor Gani, a participant of our first round of the Broadcast Training Programme, gives us a round-up of the group trip to Global.

26 October 2017

The Broadcast Training Programme is being delivered in partnership with NTS Radio, Worldwide FM and Somethin’ Else.

After three eye-opening days meeting industry professionals and finding out about multiple ways into the world of broadcasting, we had the joy of visiting the Global Media and Entertainment headquarters in London’s Leicester Square. Home to radio stations such as Capital, Radio X and Heart. Excited was an understatement. Having seen the BBC Radio 1 studios the day before, I was eager to compare the two industry giants to see how they differed from each other, and experience a day in the life of a Global employee.

It is safe to say that Global is a pretty lively place; dozens of busy workers (and a few famous faces) came and went as we waited in the reception area. The whole place felt youthful and energetic; you can tell no day is the same.

We were met by a man named Roger who was to be our guide - introducing us to all of the departments and their teams as well as giving us stats on each individual radio station’s listenership and show styles. I was quite surprised by how open each studio was. I half expected to be greeted by a wall simply with their respective logo plastered on it, however, the openness of their studios meant that we could see everything.

It was here that radio became a very ‘real’ thing. Though Kate Garraway was halfway through her show on Smooth, while Toby Anstis spoke to millions of listeners on Heart Radio, both acknowledged our presence and greeted us with a wave and a smile. Each station has a distinct look - whether that be the electric green of Radio X, to the silver/blue of Capital FM. Imaging and branding are just as important as the shows themselves. Global has really mastered this and it's clear to see whilst walking around the building.

Roger explained to us that Global Media and Entertainment gained its name because it is not all about the radio. They host hundreds of events ranging from huge annual events such as the Capital Jingle-Bell Ball to some smaller festivals like Festival No.6. We walked through the huge events department who deal with everything from artist booking to venue hire and everything in between. Walking through I was struck by the range of different types of jobs within the broadcast industry.

On the top floor of the building, Global has its own roof terrace - a great place to have lunch and take in the views of central London. A good roof is definitely a perk in any work-place, so it’s great to know that Global have this box ticked!

Overall, what the Global offices in Leicester Square showed me was the fact that Radio isn’t just the on-air, but everything in between. So much work goes into the production of each show, the branding of each station is imperative to its appeal, and the people who work behind the scenes spend hours making unbelievable content that can be enjoyed nationwide.

A really fun, enjoyable and insightful day. Maybe you’ll see me there one day!