How to turn an internship into a job offer

We've collated these top tips to help establish your career

15 February 2022

Picture this – the job hunt is finally over, after countless applications you have just secured your dream internship and are wondering what you can do to impress. Why not take advantage of these top tips and go from intern to full-time employee?

Establish your credibility

Show your team that they can trust you with important projects. Start by being on time for meetings and reaching deadlines. It may take a few weeks to understand your manager’s expectations but trying your best to be punctual will show commitment and sincerity to your role.

Show enthusiasm for your work

As an intern starting out in the industry, you may initially be given smaller or more repetitive tasks. It can be tempting to procrastinate in this situation, but you can make a good first impression by approaching your day-to-day responsibilities with a friendly and positive attitude.

If you show enthusiasm for your duties, over time you will be given more worthwhile responsibilities that show you are a valuable member of the team.

Network within your organisation

Develop a rapport with your colleagues. Try to remember names and attend work events to show that you can get along well with the rest of the team.

You can also build relationships with members of other departments and grow your professional network, opening you up to opportunities outside of your current role.

Lead with a problem-solving mindset

Try to stay solution-focused when facing challenges with your tasks and offer these to your line manager. Employers are looking for someone with a unique perspective on problem-solving that they may not have yet identified or addressed, and being able to think outside of the box is a valuable asset.

Demonstrate initiative

Show an interest in developing new skills and knowledge relevant to your work. Ask for additional training opportunities or offer to attend workshops that will help to grow your abilities.

This will not only help you in your current role but as you progress with your career. Take full advantage of the resources available to you!

Seek feedback on your work

Communicate with your manager about putting aside time to receive feedback. It is essential for your growth and development to know how you are performing at work and where improvements can be made. This will enable you to perform at a higher standard and help to combat imposter syndrome, by clearing up any doubts you may have about your abilities.

Ask useful questions

Finding your feet at a new job can be challenging. You will have to navigate the work, the people, and the culture. When in doubt, do not be afraid to ask questions.

There is no such thing as a stupid question, but you should still be mindful of the questions that you ask. Ensure that they are relevant to the situation and contribute to your understanding of the business and the projects you work on.

Express an interest in getting hired after your internship

Lastly but most importantly, let your line manager know that this is a place that you would like to work long-term. Do this in advance before your finish your placement as this will give your organisation time to support you in your next steps. If there are no positions currently available, then expressing an interest can make them more likely to contact you if a role opens up.