Meet Nathaniel

Nathaniel took part in our Creativity Works: Advertising programme

20 August 2020

Interview with Nathaniel Turner

What were you doing before you started the course with Create jobs?

Before Create Jobs, I was working in film as a trainee in the sound department.

I also worked as a freelancer on a Star Wars movie.

How was your experience on the course? Did you gain anything from it?

I had a really great experience on the course. I had a good time working on the brief we were set and being able to meet other creatives from around London was really cool as well.

We also gained some really useful skills, such as pitching an idea, presenting and learn a lot about the advertising world as well. It was nice to explore the different avenues of advertising and it helped me figure out how I could tie what I had been doing previously, to other avenues It helped me make new connections.

How did the course impact your life both personally and professionally?

Personally, I got to know a few more cool people.

Professionally, it was definitely something great that I could add to my CV. It also then allowed me to approach different people that I would normally not have worked with. E.g. people from an ad agency or production company to potentially make content with them.

It definitely changed a lot of what I’m doing now as well. I’m not doing as much sound now but I have actually moved into producing content as a creative producer. Like music videos and promo videos for labels.

What did you do after the course and what are you doing now?

After the course, I took some time to work on a feature film in sound but I also started working on doing music videos for my friends for fun and that began to take off a little bit so we slowly moved into doing that as our main source of work.

Now I have been doing some commissioning and producing videos for Rudimental’s label and I have been doing some work at SONY Music as well.

I have got my foot in the door and made connections. My favourite video to create was my first proper producing job for a band called Badgirls.