My visit to BBC 1Xtra

Cartèlea Kelsie, a participant of our first round of the Broadcast Training Programme, tells us about her visit to the BBC

13 November 2017

The Broadcast Training Programme is being delivered in partnership with NTS Radio, Worldwide FM and Somethin’ Else.

What a great week it has been so far! From meeting Jamz Supernova (DJ / Presenter BBC Radio 1Xtra), to learning (and making!) a podcast from start to finish and the 9 crucial tips to making it a success by Chris Skinner (Exec Producer of The Bugle). The Broadcast Training Programme has been insightful, to say the least.


As I headed in, I was excited to see what was in store. We were greeted by Tanisha, Outreach Assistant Producer for BBC Radio 1/1Xtra and the Asian Network, who gave us an ace tour, telling us about her job role and what it entails. The tour was great as I got to see what it’s actually like to work there; everyone at the BBC looks like they enjoy working there which is cool!

We also got a tour of the Live Lounge and the green room where a lot of guests stay and prepare before they go live on air. DAMNSHAQ came out to speak to us, and told us how he got into the BBC and what he’s doing now; from doing a bit of everything, taking part in (paid!) projects, to DJing, which was inspiring as he never sugar coated anything.


My favourite part of the tour was going into the studio and seeing how all the DJ and radio equipment worked and being told about the famous ‘Kim Kardashian’ light!

We were told how to apply for opportunities at BBC such as live apprenticeships and internships. We were also told that at the BBC everyone can tell if you are not being true to yourself or being somebody you’re not. This was echoed by Tanisha: what draws her attention the most to an application she receives is authenticity and honesty. This stuck with me, as I feel I have always done this myself, and it's a mantra I like to go by.

All in all, it was a refreshing experience and I left feeling very motivated to pursue my career in the creative industry!