Poetry Collection: Nocturnal Nights

Our recent alumnus from Creativity Works: Podcasting shares his collection of poetry titled 'Nocturnal Nights'

22 December 2020


Creativity rains,

Within our brilliant brains,

Only if we focus on our individual lanes,

And if we avoid doubt and disbelief,

We can show how powerful we truly are from underneath

Midnight Thoughts

At midnight, when creativity comes to play,

I try to slumber

but forgot I over-napped throughout the day.

As I lay awake,

scrolling through insta

of misleading objects turning into cake,

I finally realise it's now 2am for fuck sake.


my thoughts slow down,

and my eyes begin to close,

you will hear the deep echoes,

as I snore through my nose.


this is not a healthy sleep routine,

and it clearly shows

Seeking Opportunities

Podcasting, Radio and Sports is what I pree,

Where attention goes creativity flows, we can all agree,

And once I get a foot in the door, sometime eventually,

I will carve a phenomenal path within this brilliant industry