The future is bright for creative industries

17 October 2016

CMO at Microsoft UK, Paul Davies, was one of the guest speakers at the Create Jobs & NME LifeHacks event. Read what he thought of the event.

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Re-posted with permission from LinkedIn. Picture credit: Andy Hughes.

Almost 1 in 10 UK jobs exist in creative industries, and it is an attractive career option. It is expressive, fun, artistic, collaborative, & contemporary – what’s not to like?

But what really struck me from the event was the positive spirit, drive, and commitment of everyone I spoke to. It was inspiring and energising to see how much passion and talent there was in the room.

There is a smart generation entering the workforce, clued up on what it takes to get ahead and stand out from the crowd. They understand the importance of building a personal brand online, and forming a digital footprint. But they also are prepared to take a chance and ask for help.

Thrusting business cards into my hands, sharing twitter handles, and exchanging email addresses. They know that your personal network is everything, and they aren’t shy about building it.

From music blogger Ashley who was looking for advice about getting ahead, to the serial networker Luul from the brilliantly-named Network & Chill, to journalist Kandiss live tweeting choice quotes from my panel. Each in their own way realising the opportunity, and grasping it. Being humble, authentic, generous, optimistic, passionate and grateful.

It is right and natural for each new generation entering the workforce to be smarter than the last. It proves that prior generations are passing down knowledge, sharing experiences and insights from their own personal journeys.

But the scale of change is unprecedented. Why? Well, economics plays a part for sure with the competitiveness of the job market. But that’s always been the case. And so I believe the underlying driver is digital technology – it gives people the tools to be creative, and the social platforms to publish, have a voice, and get heard.

The future is looking bright for UK creative industries. After all, its going to be in safe hands.