Weekly Roundup (11-15 March 2013)

15 March 2013

A round-up of this week's news and activities from across the arts, cultural and education sector.

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Apprenticeships Week 2013

It's been a great week full of activities and events celebrating the Apprenticeships Week 2013. Some of the highlights include this inspiring video showcasing how apprenticeships change lives and businesses.

Shortfall of school places

A quarter of a million extra school places will be needed in England by autumn 2014 to meet the rising demand, revealed figures by the National Audit Office. Read here

Legacy from London 2012 Olympic Games

Headteachers, teachers and sports administrators are concerned that the government's soon-to-be-announced £100m-a-year school sport policy may fail to deliver the hoped-for legacy from the London 2012 Games. Read here

Shakespeare Schools Festival

For 11 years in a row, this festival has offered a learning opportunity for teachers and pupils, providing staff and students with the confidence and practical skills to tackle both the language and the production of some of Shakespeare's most exciting plays. For more details click here or email Nic Connaughton

'Arts in the UK are waving, not drowning'

Ed Vaizey, the English minister for culture, hit back at criticism over the impact that government and local authority cuts are having on the cultural sector. Read here

The most visited arts venues in 2012

Tate Modern, the National Gallery and the V&A Museum were among the most popular visitor attractions in the UK in 2012, according to figures published by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions. Read here