Weekly Roundup (1-5 April 2013)

5 April 2013

A round-up of this week's news and activities from across the arts, cultural and education sector.

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The London Picture

Following the success of last week's event, Mark Trezona from Bridge Builders STG Ltd. shares his highlights from the event.

London based independent researcher Charlie Tims took part on the panel debate at the event. Here you can read his key points.

AND's Holly Donagh's summary of reflections of the event can be found here

Challenges for the arts

AND's chair John Kieffer talks about what he feels are the biggest challenges facing the cultural sector including social challenges for the arts, arts graduates getting work and the lack of public funding for arts.

Linking young people to the design industry

A new programme of activity aimed at young people will be giving them a better insight into professional design practice. The programme led by Creative and Cultural Skills will better inform students about their possible future careers as creative professionals. Read here

Young Producers: Thurrock

A networking event to find out more about the programme and how arts organisations, community groups, young people and specialist agencies can be involved. Read here

Artist-led schools workshops for young people

Six free workshops covering photography, illustration, architecture and other subjects are being offered for young people aged 13-19. They will take place at the Tate Modern as part of the Hyperlink Festival. For more information click here and for bookings please email Shan Rixon.

The power of art and community

Young urban graffiti artist, Mohammed Ali, talks about the power of visual arts, how to use art to bring communities together. He also shares his experience of working with young people and how they connect to this kind of visual art form. Read here