Young Londoners to document Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympic Games

2 February 2010

On Sunday March 14, we will be taking a group of young people from Stoke Newington School in North London to Vancouver to experience, document and report on the Winter Paralympic Games.

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They will develop the skills and confidence to film, blog and document the experience via a range of social media platforms including Twitter, Wordpress, Flickr, youtube and Audioboo, which will be fed directly onto the A New Direction website. Friends back home will be able to keep track of them via the site as the week progresses.

The young people will attend sporting and cultural events, interview Olympians and the people that work with them, and explore what it is like to be a young person in an Olympic city during the Games. The project explores issues around disability and looks at the Olympic values, linking back to the opportunities of creative and cultural engagement for young Londoners around the London 2012 Games.

Prior to travelling to Vancouver, the young people will receive a 2-day training course on film-making, blogging and writing for the web, and this will equip them with the skills needed to report back each day to the UK.

The micro-site to support the project will be launched at the beginning of March on