Strong Voices National Conference

Disadvantaged and vulnerable young people & arts and culture.

Date: 06 March 2015
Time: 10:30 - 15:30
Venue: Sage Gateshead (NE8 2JR Gateshead Quays)

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Strong Voices is a two-year project, funded by the Department for Education (DfE) to find ways of enabling disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to access arts and culture. Most people now recognise that participation in arts and culture has important benefits to offer disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in particular. Strong Voices is the latest contribution to a rich history of this work, and importantly is taking place right now in a unique, interesting and sometimes challenging climate.

We have learned huge amounts through this action research project, and we certainly don’t have all the answers! We would like to share what we’ve discovered with you, and invite you to join the debate by contributing your own learning, ideas and opinions too. We hope this conference will help us all to continue raising the quality and effectiveness of what we offer to those young people who need it most.

Together, we will consider questions such as:

  • Why is this work so important anyway?
  • How can we create the right conditions for success?
  • How can we increase the quality and quantity of this work?
  • How can the youth sector and arts and culture sectors work better together?
  • How can we keep this work high on the priority list during challenging times?

Keynote Speakers:

Katherine Zeserson, Director of Learning and Participation, Sage Gateshead

Pat Cochrane, Founding CEO of Cape UK

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