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Along with a schedule of events for students, teachers and the cultural sector, we are extending an invitation to all schools to take part in self-directed activity. Our network and festival are open to all specialist settings and SENDCOs and we support collaborations of all kinds: school visits, workshops, showcases and online sharing.

Our theme is See Me, Hear Me. What does this mean to you? Is it about vision, justice, giving a voice to those who are not always heard?

This resource offers some ideas - developed and tested by our network - for you to try in the classroom or at home and share beyond it in whatever way you like. They are budget-friendly, using the ideas, skills and materials you already have!

Have fun with them and share your creations in image or sound.

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Dive into our creative prompt and create an access rider, hosted on 64 Million Artists. We’re told that rockstars and celebrities have riders. Cookie dough ice cream on the tour bus, dill pickles and red licorice in the green room. Why not? And doesn’t everyone work better when their needs are respected and supported? An access rider captures information about someone’s access and needs, providing a considered and detailed list of what might be needed to support someone without assumptions and guess work.

Read and listen to our creative prompt

Check out the Pillow Palace resource by Bea and Jill, a virtual exhibition built in Minecraft for and by autistic young people!

Explore this online exhibition

Make a funky photo frame portrait that connects to your sense of home with Tate's This is Me! resource.

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Watch: BALTIC Meet and Make Online | Sensory Play with Karen Rann

Taking inspiration from BALTIC’s explorative and playful exhibitions past and present, make a pair of sensory glasses and create a new and colourful view of the world around you with artist Karen Rann.

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Watch: BALTIC Meet & Make Online | Handprinted Self-Portraits with artist Megan Randall

Artist Megan Randall shows us how to use found and recycled materials along with paint to create hand printed self-portraits. Get creative and build up shapes and colours to make different features and expressions. Megan’s activity is inspired by Huma Bhabha’s exhibition Against Time at BALTIC.

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Read about St Philip's Ten Minute Talk, where Tom Underwood shares the process of his students sharing their own personal reactions to different artworks in the Tate collection.

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You can find more creative SEND resources, events, and projects on our LookUp platform. LookUp allows teachers to quickly and easily browse opportunities from across London’s arts & cultural sector.

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