Learning about Learning

A publication exploring education approaches to preferred learning styles. Essays and a toolkit of lesson activities are included.

Edited by Hannah Wilmot, 2006.

This publication is a set of reflective essays by teacher and artist participants of the Preferred Learning Styles and Creativity programme, an action research programme developed by Creative Partnerships London East and South from 2003 to 2005.

The programme focussed on understanding young people's learning, providing teachers and creative practitioners in East and South London with the opportunity to explore collaboratively the ways in which their combined practices can support preferred learning styles in classrooms.

The individual and institutional gains of this programme included: new systems and policies that embrace preferred learning styles; teachers' increased awareness and abilities in creative teaching for learning styles; and enhanced collaborative practice within and across schools.

A toolkit of teaching and studying resources, including activities and assessments are an outcome of the teachers and artists' research.


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