Over the past few years, the success of our programme has led to growth and new opportunities to support young creatives find their way into work.

As our programme expands beyond Create Jobs, now is the time to consider how the brand fits within our wider organisation, to make connections and to ensure clarity across our work – both internally and externally. We want to present a more cohesive narrative around providing real and transformative opportunities for children and young people - from childhood, through school years and into employment.

So from now on, we will simply use 'A New Direction' when we talk about our organisation and team, and our 'Employment & Skills programme' when we talk about the work.

In all other ways, nothing has changed – we are still the same team, with the same ambition for young people, and the same networks, relationships and programmes to help talented, diverse and under-represented young Londoners into the work within the cultural, creative and digital industries. We look forward to continuing to work with you as ‘A New Direction’.