Arts Award Discover Online - for Parents and Carers - 5 August 2020

Are you a Year 6 parent? Does your child live or go to school in a London Borough?

Are you looking for ways to engage your child with creative activities and prepare them for Secondary school?

We have created a resource and logbook to support Year 6 aged children to achieve their Arts Award Discover online with a ‘Transition’ focus to address the loss of events that traditionally support the move from primary to secondary.

Arts Award is a series of qualifications in the Arts, accredited by Trinity College London.

Come along to this online session to find out about what the children can do and how you can guide your child through the process, and utilise the wealth of online resources, events and workshops available from London’s vibrant cultural sector.

What we will cover

● We will explain what Arts Award is and what you need to cover to achieve an Arts Award Discover.

● We will talk through the three parts of the Discover Award and ways to complete them.

● We will explain all the logistics of applying for certificates either via an Arts Award Centre or through A New Direction

● We will give you ideas of programmes and organisations that have activities that cover parts or all of the Award or interesting online events which could be used as evidence

Do you know other London based parents that have children of the same age? Let them know about this opportunity and get your children to do their Awards together.

Do you have a child of a different age but this sounds interesting?

They can still take part, we will explain how during the webinar.

Are you interested in this but cannot attend on the day?

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05 August 2020


4:30PM 5:30PM



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