Delivery to Children and Young People with SEND - Arts Award Network Cluster Meeting - 16 May 2019

Please join us for this Arts Award Network Meeting focusing on delivery to children with SEND. Light refreshments will be provided. This event is open to staff from Special Schools, Primary and Secondary schools, colleges and cultural organisations, interested in delivering or supporting young people with the Arts Award.

During this meeting, we will explore examples of Arts Award delivery with support available to help you bring your own ideas for delivery into a reality. Arts Award gives young people the opportunity to explore, enjoy and benefit from the world-class cultural offer on their doorstep, linking them with creative organisations and professionals as well as helping them to develop their own creativity and leadership skills through a valued accreditation.

Arts Award is designed to be accessible to young people with a range of abilities, backgrounds and individual learning requirements. Because it measures and supports each individual’s personal progress, it is ideal for young people who face barriers to learning or who may not be able to access other qualifications. Young people can collect evidence for their Arts Award in a range of formats, meaning that non-verbal or less confident communicators can be supported to achieve the qualification.

Flexible framework. The awards framework offers a degree of flexibility so that young people can take part in arts activities that they are interested in, and are appropriate for them.

Creative evidencing. Young people need to show evidence of their participation and progress at each level of the awards. They need to demonstrate a level of communication but this does not need to be verbal or written. Evidence can be captured in a number of ways, such as using signing and symbols, photographs; audio/video recordings; scribed work; sketches and witness statements.

Time. There is no time limit for doing the awards, so timetables and session times can be planned appropriate to the needs of the young people (the awards are only open to children and young people aged 25 and under).

For more information about the Arts Award, please visit

This event is kindly being hosted by The Village School, in Brent (London Borough of Culture for 2020), part of the Soundabout Music8London project.

Attendance to this course also entitles you to free entry into the course from 1.30pm - 4.00pm at the same venue: Using Sounds of Intent for Curriculum Development, led by Jenny Cooper from Soundabout.

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The Village School, NW9 0JY

16 May 2019
4:00PM 6:00PM
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