Teaching for Creativity: What can it look like in the classroom? - 3 November 2021

A webinar introducing the five Creative Habits of Mind and how these can be embedded across the curriculum

Explore how to develop young people’s creativity in the classroom in this webinar with Professor Bill Lucas and Dame Alison Peacock. This is an event for teachers, educators, and cultural sector organisations interested in methods for teaching creativity to young people, connected to A New Direction’s recent Teaching for Creativity resources.

In this webinar, Professor Bill Lucas (Centre for Real World Learning, University of Winchester) will introduce the five Creative Habits of Mind: Imaginative, Inquisitive, Persistent, Collaborative and Disciplined. They are drawn from the five-dimensional creative thinking model developed in his work with Professor Guy Claxton and Dr Ellen Spencer. The Creative Habits of Mind offer a great tool for tracking the development of creativity in students of all ages, and provide a scaffold for educators to develop the creativity of students across the curriculum.

In conversation with Dame Alison Peacock (Chartered College of Teaching), Bill will discuss how the habits were developed, how they fit within existing practice, and the benefits of using the framework to describe teaching and learning for reflection and development. You will also hear about each of the habits in turn, to understand what they might look like in a classroom context.

Learning outcomes

• Teachers and educators will deepen their knowledge of creativity and how to teach it, with practical examples of how to use the pedagogies across their teaching and learning.

• Cultural Sector organisations will learn about the Creative Habits framework and how to integrate it as part of their learning resources and wider educational offer.

This is a webinar event taking place on Zoom. Closed captions will be available.

About the Teaching for Creativity Resources

Like many others, A New Direction believes that creativity is an essential skill that can be taught. Through Teaching for Creativity, we want to support schools and teachers to develop the creativity of their students, whilst also helping to broaden and diversify the curriculum in response to the combined crises currently facing young people.

Our Teaching for Creativity resources draw on the expertise of London’s cultural sector to provide rich learning materials that help develop young people’s resilience and ability to navigate these times. They can be used by teachers across the curriculum, and explore a range of topics including RSE, the climate crisis, and Black British history. The resources form part of our longer-term commitment to generating relevant and accessible learning materials that help us have braver conversations in the classroom and articulate the power of creativity.

Find out more: https://www.anewdirection.org.uk/what-we-do/schools/teaching-for-creativity

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03 November 2021


4:30PM 5:30PM



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