Cultural Leadership Action Research Programme

An opportunity for place-based partnerships to build sustainability & develop new approaches

A New Direction is working with B&G Partners as Lead Researcher on an action research programme for place-based partnerships in London in 2022-2023. Through collaborations between four partnerships and researchers, we want to build sustainability and develop approaches to monitoring, evaluation, and systems thinking.

Partnerships are invited to submit Expressions of Interest for the Cultural Leadership Action Research Programme. Successful applicants will be awarded £10,000 for each partnership to design, deliver, and document an action research project centred on one of four themes. Each successful partnership will be matched with a researcher to help them explore their action research question. Researchers for the project will be granted separate additional funding by A New Direction, taking the full pot to the same as the maximum Transition Fund grant (£15,000).

Applications for this programme have now closed

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of your proposal by Tuesday 19 April.

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