Stronger Together: Specialised Inclusive Dance

About the show

This interactive dance performance explores the themes of ‘same but different’, ‘I am STRONG when…’ and ‘Stronger Together’. It will be performed by our disabled youth dance company of 6-8 dancers aged 16-25 with a range of disabilities. It is an interactive show where the audience will become part of the performance and explore the themes, creating a new part to the performance.

Key stage / year groups:

KS1, KS2, including SEND

Relevant areas of focus:

  • Creativity, Learning and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

  • Physical Education: to enjoy moving your bodies with control and confidently create movement patterns.

  • Whole learning (disciplinary knowledge of Dance, innovation and creation, self-knowledge, collaboration, communication, responsibility).

About the pupil workshops

Facilitators, drawing from their lived disability experiences, guide students in crafting an inclusive ‘Dancing Manifesto’ using props and music. Through creative workshops, inclusive language, and collaborative efforts, each participant shapes a unique celebration of differences. The ‘Dancing Manifesto’ can be shared with the whole school community for wider impact.

Teacher twilight CPD

The training, led by Juliet Diener, Founder and CEO of icandance, will share specialised approaches utilising dance and performance to empower children in all inclusive learning environments.

The session will be interactive and explore creative strategies with time for participants to share and reflect on current examples within their own practice.

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About icandance

icandance is an inclusive community who empower disabled children and young people (CYP) through dance and performance. We believe dance gives CYP a voice and performances offer opportunities to be seen and celebrated for what CAN be achieved. By doing so, we challenge perceptions of disability and use dance as an opportunity to change perspectives.