Ealing Arts and Healt Alliance (EAHA)

Research question: How can EAHA understand ways to address local young people’s health and well-being through arts activities that are co-created with them?

Project Leads: Naomi Healy and Tanya Taylor
Researcher: Dr Carolyn Defrin

Research activity:

Co-created with young people aged 14-25 to develop the research, the approach and the evaluation, the work aimed to investigate and evidence how arts activity can address mental health issues for young people, identified as a top concern through consultation with local young people. EAHA worked with them to co-create and design a series of micro arts interventions that explored and expressed positive connections with the local environment. The research aimed to act as a case study for how such interventions and an asset-based, youth-led approach could help address feelings of disconnection and isolation; test the capacity of organisations that were part of EAHA to work together, and explore how outcomes of the research might contribute to the emerging field of social prescribing in the borough.

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