Connected London - Leadership & Innovation (Jul 2013)

An event that explored & planned for innovative new approaches to cultural education partnerships, fundraising and service delivery.


This full-day session was the second in A New Direction's series of leadership and innovation workshop events in partnership with The Innovation Unit to support our Connected London programme.

Attendees were supported by The Innovation Unit to explore and plan for innovative new approaches to cultural education partnerships, fundraising and service delivery, including through the use of the Radical Efficiency framework.

About Connected London

Connected London is a three-year programme (2012-14) with two years of action-research investment, and one of transition & development funding. It is led by A New Direction, in partnership with The Innovation Unit and a number of London Boroughs and other cultural partners.

The programme tests the notion that as existing or 'traditional' routes for funding change or disappear, new opportunities for cultural education activity could emerge through greater partnership, collaboration and innovation.

We aim to uncover cost-effective (and/or income generating) models of partnership and collaboration which support the local or area-based development of cultural education in a range of different contexts. Our work includes:

  • Two cohorts of investmentCroydon, Ealing, Haringey & Waltham Forest, from March 2013; and Islington, Lewisham, Newham, Richmond & Wandsworth from September 2013.
  • A capacity-building programme for the lead areas and other partnerships, projects or organisations in relevant overlapping fields.
  • A comprehensive information sharing strand (especially online), informed by learning from the programme as a whole.


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