What is the Olympic Truce?

A historic and core part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games was for competing countries to agree and sign-up to a period of Truce during the Games.

About the project

A New Direction and the Creative Intelligence Agency used this idea as a stimulus for Truce Arts, an Arts Council England, National Lottery funded project through Grants for the Arts.

Young people worked alongside professional artists Janette Parris, Grennan & Sperandio and Soda to produce digital artworks that express the values of Truce in everyday life. These were profiled online via the Truce Arts online gallery – www.trucearts.org

You can get involved too

Young people from across London and beyond, were invited to contribute their own digital artwork (photography, film or animation), via the online gallery www.trucearts.org, and work submitted by the deadlines were presented on Live Site screens over last summer.

Teachers Resource Pack

Teachers can go to the Truce Arts website and download the Teachers' Resources Pack to find out how artists have expressed the concept of truce in their work and how young people (ages 5 to 25) can do the same.

You can also download the Truce Arts Poster on the right, to put up around your school and encourage young people to submit artwork to the project.

Browse and submit artwork at www.trucearts.org and share ideas on Twitter @trucearts