Art On The Underground Labyrinth Teacher Pack

Resource to enable greater access to and enjoyment of Labyrinth: a unique artwork at every station to celebrate 150 years of the Tube.

In partnership with Art On The Underground, A New Direction devised the Labyrinth Teacher Pack for primary and secondary teachers as an introduction to Labyrinth. The aim of the packs is to inform and inspire teachers about this special project that features a unique labyrinth at all 270 Tube stations.

This resource includes a variety of classroom activity suggestions for different subjects (Art, Geography, History, Music, Literacy), which can be used as a springboard for teachers to devise their own projects.

Key stages are given, although many of these activities can be adapted for a variety of year groups, depending on the ability of the students involved.

Download part 1

Download part 2

Watch Mark Wallinger's introduction to Labyrinth


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