My Creative School Learning Resource

Arts-led, schools focused resources exploring new approaches to school development

Welcome to the My Creative School Learning Resource: a selection of tools, case studies and writing based on the learning from a two-year partnership with primary schools across South London.

My Creative School (MCS) was a two-year programme of arts-led ‘Creative Catalyst’ projects which ran from 2016 to 2018. These projects forged new models of working between artists and teachers, developing creative approaches to school improvement and curriculum delivery.

Three project models formed the cornerstone of MCS:

  • Pioneer teachers: Teachers empowered to pioneer new ideas
  • Immersive adventure: Igniting appetites for learning
  • Child leaders: Children directing their own learning

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These models have informed the MCS Learning Resource and are woven throughout the tools and case studies. As you continue to develop new approaches to your own school improvement / development priorities, we hope the MCS Learning Resource will support you to pioneer new ideas, create immersive learning experiences and support children to lead, with the arts at the centre.

The resources

Whether you are a senior leader or class teacher, we hope these resources will support schools at strategy level, in classrooms and teachers’ own development:

The MCS Learning Resource can also be download as a PDF containing all three chapters in full (Narrative, Compendium and Framework tools).


You can also download an executive summary of the programme evaluation report here. If you would like to access the My Creative School evaluation report in full please email