Arts Award Action research (2013-14)

A nine-month action research programme that supported six cultural organisations to explore new models for delivering Arts Award

The programme was designed, facilitated and funded by A New Direction (AND) from September 2013 to June 2014. The programme has resulted in case-studies and a Top Tips document which will serve as a good base for cultural organisations wishing to explore delivery of Arts Award at this level.

AND worked closely with the following arts and cultural organisations to develop innovative and sustainable ways of delivering Silver and Gold Arts Award within their organisations:

There is no shortage of Arts Award case studies that describe projects and approaches taken, celebrate achievements and promote the benefits of Arts Award to young people. Such materials offer valuable insights into successful models of delivery. AND aims to complement these case studies with a focus on organisations rather than on the experiences and outcomes for young people. It addresses the question: how can Arts Award be integrated into ongoing learning programmes of cultural organisations?

This resource, written by Hannah Wilmot based on interviews with Cultural Education Managers, comprises five sections which can be read individually or as a whole. There is an overview of the programme which draws together common challenges encountered and the organisations' reflections on the benefits of Arts Awards to the sector. The key learning is outlined in Top Tips. The remainder of the resource comprises three case studies, each of which draws on the experiences of two of the organisations:

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Silver & Gold; An overview of the programme.pdf doc 365.1KiB

Adding Value - Almeida Theatre & Tomorrow's Warriors .pdf doc 407.2KiB

Borough Partnerships - Harrow Arts Centre & Tiger Monkey .pdf doc 389.2KiB

Young People Take Over; The Geffrye Museum & Tricycle Theatre.pdf doc 298.1KiB

Top Tips.pdf doc 103.0KiB