Discover & Bronze Resource for Music

A guide for music hubs, organisations, and educators interested in delivering Arts Award

A New Direction has created this resource to support music hubs, music coordinators, music teachers, music facilitators, and organisations with a strong music focus. This resource is here to assist you to run Arts Award effectively and stress-free.

In this resource, you will find guidance on how to plan and embed Arts Award within your music curriculum or programme, how to make it manageable and meaningful and how to fulfil the award criteria strategically.

This resource focuses on Discover and Bronze examples, however, this guidance can be applied and adapted to all levels.

This resource goes hand in hand with the Online Discover Logbook, Discover in a Day Logbook, and Bronze Arts Award Student Logbook and would be applicable to any other logbook you might be using.

To run and assess Arts Award you need a trained adviser. The guidance in these resources does not replace the adviser training or the information of the adviser toolkit.

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