Submitting Artsmark Paperwork

Guidance on submitting your Statement of Commitment & Statement of Impact for assessment

Once you have drafted your Statement of Commitment and Statement of Impact, don’t forget to book a support call so we can provide feedback before you submit for assessment.

We recommend that you submit your Statement of Commitment within a term of attending your Development Training Session. You have a two-year deadline from submitting your Statement of Commitment to submit your Statement of Impact. If you are unsure of your deadline, please contact us.

Submit your paperwork online

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Arts Council England has introduced an online submission process to make things easier for schools.

Moving forward, all Artsmark settings submitting a Statement of Commitment or Statement of Impact will be required to submit online and email submissions will no longer be accepted. Instead, you’ll receive a unique web link to your personalised Statement of Commitment or Statement of Impact form where you’ll be able to enter and submit your answers.

Find out more

If you have any questions please email

Assessment process

The Artsmark Levelling Panel evaluates school submissions. The panel reads both the Statement of Commitment and Statement of Impact to award an Artsmark level based on:

  1. The distance travelled with regards to arts and cultural provision between both documents
  2. Evidence of the impact Artsmark has had in relation to the Self Assessment Criteria Framework and Arts Council Quality Principles
  3. The objectives and goals that have been achieved, not ones that are yet to be completed

You will be awarded no later than the end of the next academic term after submitting your Statement of Impact.