Camden Spark: A Local Cultural Education Partnership

Camden Spark will ensure all children and young people living or being educated in Camden have access to high quality cultural and creative experiences, so that they develop their talents and interests to progress in to further education, employment or training, within and beyond the creative and cultural industries.

The Challenge London fund will enable Camden Spark to build its operating capacity in order to:

  • Create a robust, impactful and sustainable partnership model with Camden Council and Camden Learning
  • Create the conditions in which children and young people in Camden, and in particular the most vulnerable, experience a broad and enriching curriculum that opens minds, builds personal and social skills, and in turn contributes to a fair and more representative future workforce within and beyond the creative and cultural industries
  • Create an entrepreneurial mixed-economy model to sustain and grow the partnership to achieve a far greater and long-lasting impact

Key outcomes and impact

  • A Camden Curriculum co-created between teachers and cultural providers will establish a distinctive education offer for Camden pupils, with arts and culture at its heart
  • Disadvantaged and vulnerable young people are supported to access enrichment activities in and out of school so that they have the same life chances as their more advantaged peers
  • Create a new and fresh stimulus opening up the rich cultural assets that Camden has to offer to children and their families, supporting skills development and closing the gap in progress/attainment
  • In collaboration with teachers, school leaders, governors and artists, continued professional development and learning activity is closely aligned with intended pupil outcomes and the curriculum and is responsive to current educational policy and practice
  • Through testing new and alternative pedagogies, teachers reinvigorate their passion for teaching
  • Young people will have a broader understanding of the creative and cultural industries when making their subject choices so that cultural education subjects remain accessible to all young people throughout their formal education
  • Learnings are captured that inform the development and sustainability of the new partnership model through ensuring that intelligent, efficient, effective partnerships are developed between schools, colleges, cultural organisations, the local authority and businesses to provide excellent cultural learning and progression opportunities for young people in Camden and beyond

Challenge London investment from A New Direction: £75,000 over three years

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