East London Cultural Education Alliance (ELCEA)

An alliance of cultural organisations and East London Council representatives which aims to maximise the impact of cultural education across East London

Originally the East London Cultural Education Partnership, ELCEA has formed to bring together a number of partners across east London to ensure that the existing provision, learning and support for cultural education is available to all young people and delivered in the most effective way.


ELCEA exists to drive cultural education so that every child in East London has access to a high quality education offer.


Ensuring a broad range of high quality cultural education to contribute to the development of all children and young people in East London.


  • Advocate for a well distributed, high quality cultural education offer across East London
  • Ensure effective communication across all stakeholders, particularly young people
  • Share and build on combined resources to strengthen innovation, impact, maximise efficiencies and develop a rich knowledge bank
  • Support the creation of pathways through the cultural education offer in East London
  • Be innovative in its approach

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