Meet a Mentor

A four-month mentoring programme for young Londoners aged 18-24 seeking entry to the creative and digital industries

We pair talented young creatives with industry professionals who work closely with their allocated mentee to help them get that bit further down the road in their chosen career path.

Since its inception in April 2016, we have worked with close to 300 inspiring and passionate mentors and mentees from across the creative industries from content production, photography, fashion and marketing, film, PR, television, digital and product design, to event production, architecture, journalism & script writing.

We have had some great outcomes from these pairings which include jobs and internships at The Face, Channel 4, BBC6Music, HBO, Somethin’ Else, King College London, Magnum Photography, Migration Museum, OnRoad, Little Brown Book Group, VCCP, Myrium (WPP), Untold Studios, Guap as well as freelance opportunities, events and exhibitions including The Guardian, BBC In Pictures, The Midnight Club, Sky London, BBC Introducing Live to name a few.

The format

Our methodology is simple, we carefully pair up young creatives with a mentor who works in their chosen sector over a four-month period. We work closely with our mentees and our mentors to make sure we create the best connections for everyone involved. This starts by working with our group of mentees for them to set their goals which they can work on during their time on Meet a Mentor. Once goals are set we pair our mentees up with a mentor who can best support them to achieve these goals.

Through a structured series of meetings, mentors offer mentees support, encouragement and advice on how to get that bit closer to employment in their chosen field in the creative and digital industries. Mentees offer mentors a chance to engage with a younger generation of creatives, impart valuable wisdom and learnings and holistically understand what the new generations bring and the challenges they face when entering the creative industries.

As well as the one-to-ones, each evening's sessions has a TED-type talk from an inspirational speaker. Our speakers are leading creatives who share their experience and expertise.

Past speakers include Leonn Ward, Meji Alabi and Dan Emmerson.

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"I'm very glad to be able to help a younger generation try to climb that ladder, particularly now that I've got such a firm foothold and I'm in a bit more of a position to advise & support. It's a nice feeling to be able to use your experience and contacts to help good people."
Kate Wood, Mentor
"This is very special and important work. I'm so glad you asked me to be part of this"
Shanida Scotland, BBC Storyville, Mentor


"One of the best things about Meet a Mentor is the honesty with which people can talk about their career journeys and conundrums. Instead of high-gloss stories we can talk about the realities of building a creative career, and some of the barriers to success"
Charlie Duffield, Mentee
"Not only was the match pretty much perfect in terms of career goals but mine and my mentor's relationship has really blossomed professionally and personally - it's been great to know that she will always be honest and constructive. Touching base once a month motivated me to be proactive and genuinely have some sort of progress to feedback to my mentor/ wider team"
Antonia Odunlami, Mentee
"I feel like I've managed to get a lot of confidence through this programme purely because we are being invited into spaces that usually feel so unattainable. Places that usually can be quite alienating no longer feel so. Just having the privilege to be in spaces you'd never imagine yourself to be really allows room to start believing that other things are possible."
Shamica Ruddock, Mentee