Lever 1 – Relationships

Rainbow Feelings and Rainbow Seekers

The community of a school is built upon relationships. Many children have been physically away from school since March. Returning after months at home will be an enormous transition emotionally and physically.

Children will need to feel ‘held’ by the community of their school, feeling supported in rebuilding their relationships with each other and their teachers.

Drama is a wonderful vehicle for children to reconnect and rebuild relationships with each other. At the heart of good drama is playfulness where children can work metaphorically, through stories and characters to develop their social and emotional skills.

Rainbows are traditionally seen as signs of peace and hope. During lockdown children all over the world created wonderful rainbows to put in their windows so their friends would know they were thinking of them. Rainbows became a symbol of our unity, that out of the grey clouds of COVID-19 there would be hope in the future.

This activity is about exploring emotional vocabulary and feelings through verbal and non-verbal expression. Recognising how we and others feel develops our skills of empathy. From this, we can build strong lasting relationships.

Download the rainbow feelings activity