Lever 4 – Metacognition

Create a Character, Tell a Story

In this activity, students are encouraged to create a character and tell a story. They will piece together their own unique ideas with the aim of developing an original story, not necessarily autobiographical, that others will care about.

When an individual creates a story from their imagination, it becomes a reflection of how they see the world. They unconsciously apply motivations to characters that adhere to their own internal logic. As a result, the stories we invent ourselves become wonderful metaphors through which we are able to process our own thinking and perspective, making this a great activity for exercising a person’s metacognitive abilities.

By finding the confidence to be open and honest, students will create characters and stories that others will respond to and care about. By doing this, they will find confidence in the fact that not only do their ideas have worth, but also who they are as a person has worth, and simply by externalising this, they create value.

Download the tell a story activity