Teaching for Creativity

Supporting teachers to develop young people’s creativity through a broad and diverse curriculum

A New Direction’s work aims to enhance the capacity and agency of children and young people in London to own their creativity, shape culture, and achieve their creative potential. Of equal priority for us is helping to broaden and diversify the curriculum in response to the combined crises facing young people, including the climate crisis, the call for a more equitable society – prompted most recently by the Black Lives Matter movement – the COVID-19 pandemic, and its associated impact on the economy and wellbeing.

Teaching for Creativity draws on the expertise of London’s cultural sector to provide rich learning materials that help develop young people’s creativity and their ability to navigate these times.

The resources employ a variety of strategies which place an emphasis on effective education being an active process that is participative in nature, and which develops children’s ongoing capacity for learning. As such, they can be used by teachers across the curriculum.

We believe in the possibility of a better world and want to support teachers and educators in doing what you do best. We have consulted with teachers throughout the development of these resources, which are part of a longer-term commitment to generating relevant and accessible learning materials that help us to have braver conversations in the classroom and to articulate the power of creativity.

Teaching for Creativity includes seven resources, each of which is accompanied by short video CPD modules which can be completed in your own time. We will be sharing each of the resources between now and the end of the academic year.

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We will be sharing the following resources in the coming weeks:

  • What are the links between colonialism and the environment? (Geography, Key stage 3)
  • The wellbeing playlist (PSHE/Music/Drama, Key stage 3)

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This work forms part of Reset, A New Direction’s programme of support in response to the pandemic. Though COVID-19 has caused huge disruption to our lives, our professions, and our learning, it is important to remember that we are resilient, strong and good at what we do.

We know that we can adapt and work differently, move quickly and innovate. Let’s take this chance to reset and move forward with what we know works, leave behind what doesn’t, and introduce new ways of working, together.

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