Application guide for Future Creative Content Now 

Here is a breakdown of each question on the application forms to help you answer them as best you can.

1 December 2020

Question 1: How would you benefit from taking part in Future Creative Content Now? (max 300 words)

The programme is aimed at supporting curious individuals with a talent for producing engaging content. It’s for those who are looking to combine that talent with a commercial career. Please tell us why you think this is you! What skills do you have that you could bring to the creative industries and more importantly what do you hope to gain through taking part in the programme?

Question 2: What one piece of content are you must proud of? This can be something you have already produced or something that is still an idea but will make you proud one day. (max 400 words)

We want to find and support the next generation of passionate content creators. With industry, we want to help you tell your stories and the stories of others. What content have you already created and what stories have you shared? Or are there stories yet untold that you would like to bring to reality? With limitless ways to produce and share stories, what would you like to do across the audio and visual landscape to capture your audience’s attention?

The content can be:

  • Audio or visual (podcast, broadcast, short form film, animation, graphic design, social campaign)
  • Commercial (for a brand) or personal
  • Published or unpublished

Please show us some evidence, include the finished files or the work in progress – you can add links in your response and/or upload documents. Tell us why what you’ve included is so important to you.

Question 3: What story will you tell? (max 250 words)

Read the instructions. Continue the story.

Here is the beginning of a short story we’d like you to continue it by writing the next few sentences. But here’s the important bit, we want you to invite a reaction from the audience. Make them cry, make them laugh, make them scared, whichever you chose but make them want to know more…

It had been a long day, but a successful one. I got out of the taxi and walked towards the front door of my house feeling tired but very happy. I put the key in the front door and turned it. The door swung open and my life changed forever…

You can finish the story or just continue it, but don’t write more than 250 words.

Uploading your CV

Your CV is a great way to let us know what you’ve done previously. Make sure it is up to date with your most recent experience and qualifications. Your CV is also great for listing achievements outside of work and school such as awards and achievements you may have achieved. Limit your CV to two pages. We accept both Microsoft Word Documents and PDFs. Ensure you title the file with your name. If you prefer to email this to us please contact

Access and additional support

It is really important to us that we enable access to our training programmes. Please let us know if you would like to submit your application in a different format by contacting us at

If there is any additional support we could offer to enable you to participate in either the selection process, or the programme, please include this in your application, or contact us before the deadline.