Application guide for Future Software Developer Now 

Here is a breakdown of each question on the application forms to help you answer them as best you can.

1 December 2020

Question 1:

Please tell us why you are interested in taking part in this programme (max 300 words) 

We want to hear  why you want to be a part of  this particular  training programme. Your answer could include what you hope to gain from the opportunity and what excites you about the digital sector. It is helpful to highlight the different aspects of the programme that interest you

Question 2:

Please tell us about your experience  or background in software development (max 300 words)

We want to see evidence of your commitment to a career in software development. There’s no standard experience or qualification we are looking for, you just need to demonstrate your drive and interest in this career path. For example, you might be self taught, with no commercial work experience, but can show an understanding of basic software principles, or you may have done a course with General Assembly or similar. You could have a few months of experience; or a software related degree or certificate, but no work experience.

Please also let us know if you have ever used any of the following software: Java, Python, C++, and Scala

Question 3:

What problem do you see in London that you would like to help solve, and how would you approach it? (max 200 words)

We’re looking for creative problem solvers who are never satisfied with the status quo and are always seeking optimisation. We’d like to hear about a problem you’ve noticed in London, and your innovative approach to solving it. Think big!

Question 4:

Please upload your CV

Your CV is a great way to let us know what you’ve done previously. Make sure it is up to date with you most recent experience and qualifications. Your CV is also great for listing achievements outside of work and school such as awards and achievements you may have achieved. Limit your CV to two pages. We accept both Microsoft Word Documents and PDFs.

Ensure you title the file with your name. If you prefer to email this to us, please contact