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We're working with failsafe, a collective creating a handbook about failure, made for and by emerging artists looking for solidarity and their first paid commissions

5 August 2020

failsafe is a collective of eight friends who came together as part of the Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling programme in 2019.

They're all working and/or studying to break into tough fields like film, photography, media, art, and design. So, their lives are filled with the usual early-career drudgeries: hundreds of application forms, the frustration of unanswered emails, fetching people coffee, and juggling various freelance gigs to pay our bills.

Through all of this, they've give each other the community and encouragement that can be hard to find in the city, and constantly remind each other that struggle can be crucial for growth.

They want to spread this feeling of support to other young artists, especially those who are starting out in these shaky times.

What exactly are they making?

When you’re starting out, there are a million things that can make a creative career feel impossible. Institutional barriers make psychological barriers even harder to navigate.

And, when we're constantly bombarded by people’s achievements on Instagram, it can be so easy to fall into an unhelpful cycle of comparison. Only seeing other’s successes can be more paralysing than it is inspiring.

Failure, on the other hand, is honest, humanises people, and makes the 'impossible' seem so much more achievable.

That’s why the zine is going to be dedicated to showcasing and embracing failure, to remind everyone that even the best artists can mess up.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’re told that 'failure is part of the process' - we need to see it to really believe it.

Here's some of the content that they want to bring you:

We’ve already secured the funding to pay any creatives that are aged 24 and below at London Living Wage, thanks to Mayor's Fund for London.

failsafe are now looking to raise an additional £3800 in order to carry out the printing and distribution via pledges and donations through Kickstarter.

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