The Curse of Productivity

Our trainee Destiny Williams from Creativity Works: Content Production runs us through how to take care of one's mental health when being captured by 'the curse of productivity'...

9 December 2020

I think it would be fair to say that for many of us this year has not been the easiest.

Not only are we under the rule of a government who decided school children do not deserve to be fed during the half term, but we also have to contend with daily berating’s on social media from the “productivity police” (yes, I have created my own phrase for it).

I would first like to make it clear that this post is not an attack on those who find peace in productivity. Speaking as a person who has a Type - A personality, I, myself find comfort in structure and recognise that for many maintaining a constant workflow or sticking to a schedule is paramount to the upkeep of their mental health.

Instead, this is a message to those who feel overwhelmed by the expectations that some people dictate we should have set for ourselves during lockdown. I don’t know about anybody else but if I see one more weight loss transformation, I might just lose it!

Unlike what most of “productivity Twitter” would have you believe if you have not acquired a new skill or stream of income during lockdown that is perfectly fine. The time you have spent protecting the peace and health of yourself, your loved ones and total strangers outweighs any amount of money you may have made.

Unbeknownst to many people we are currently living and feeling the effects of a hyper-capitalist world which tells you that everything in your life must somehow increase the number in your bank account and if nobody has told you today, monetary value should not be attached to everything you do.

Whilst making money is great and constantly being busy can be wonderful… do you know what is better? Peace of mind, or at least as much peace as you can foster during this unprecedented time.

It is amazing to see people thriving during such bleak times, but it is important that we all try our best to not allow the perceived success of others on social media affect the way in which we view ourselves (I know it’s hard), and also remember that not everything on social media is what it seems!

So, to help fight the feeling of failure that often creeps in with every scroll on Twitter and Instagram, below are five ways I fight the social media blues.

5 ways to help fight the social media blues

Make a list of your accomplishments

No matter how big or small or small it may seem, write down as many things as you can that you have achieved for the week, whether it be reading a booking, actually getting out of bed, or securing a job interview. I do believe naturally as humans we can be self-critical, so it is important to take note of our accomplishments and you may be surprised with how many you come up with!

Do something that brings you joy ­­

Whether it be going for a bike ride or talking to your partner on the phone, doing at least one thing that you enjoy each day even if it is only for five minutes will give you a well-needed boost of serotonin

Indulge in self-care

In my experience, a face mask and a hot bath goes a long way. I would urge you to do an activity that focuses on you and doesn’t require any outside interference. Turn up the volume on your favourite playlist, light a couple of candles and REELAXXX

Talk about it

Although we don’t often talk about it, the social media blues is probably affecting more of your friends than you may realise, and sometimes a good venting session is just what the doctor ordered! So, call up a friend and let it all out.

Get off social media!

The most obvious but often hardest thing to do… if you find scrolling through your social media is having too much of an adverse effect on your mental health LOG OFF and for those who have businesses or who need social media to promote their brands, I would suggest reaching out to one person that you trust and ask them to monitor and update your posts for a few days.

In a year with as many twists and turns as a Lemony Snicket book series (if you know, you know) it is important to remember to be kind to yourself, you are doing great and even more importantly… you are alive and you are present so give yourself a pat on the back.