Theatre is less diverse than other creative sectors – report reveals

2 October 2015

Theatres and performing arts organisations are markedly less ethnically diverse than other creative industries, a new report from Creative Diversity claims.

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Theatre is less diverse than other creative sectors – report reveals

Theatres and performing arts organisations are markedly less ethnically diverse than other creative industries, a new report claims. The Creative Diversity report, penned by the Creative Industries Federation in partnership with Music of Black Origin, suggests that only 6% of those in working in the performing arts are from black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds, compared with 11% of those employed in the creative sector as a whole. Read more

The Value of Arts and Culture

Arts Council England’s new films cover a wide range of art forms, artists, musicians, venues and locations celebrating how arts and culture has shaped our nation. See here

Parent groups want bigger voice in schools

Fewer than a fifth (18%) of parents in England think the government listens to them about their children's education, suggests research. And only a third (33%) of 1,000 parents polled for the parent teacher umbrella group, PTA UK, said they understood government changes to education. Read more

No more free schools, Labour pledges

There will be no more free schools under a future Labour government, the shadow education secretary has said. During her first speech in post, Lucy Powell also told her party's conference in Brighton that academy chains would be made accountable. Critics of free schools complain they are expensive and often not in the areas where school places are needed. Read more

Pupils choose YouTube over teachers for careers advice

Fewer schoolchildren are turning to their teachers for careers advice, while YouTube, Google and social media sites are becoming increasingly popular with youngsters, new research has found. In three years there has been a 12 per cent drop in the number of young people who speak to teachers about jobs, the research says. Read more

Into Film festival 2015

This year's Into Film Festival is made up of six strands, shaped by themes of Achievement, Identity and Wellbeing. Featuring classic titles and recent releases including modern foreign languages, documentaries, and literary adaptations (with a particular focus on Puffin and Penguin titles), the films selected draw out these themes in ways that will broaden young people's horizons and spark discussion. Read more

Music education is out of tune with how young people learn

‘By focusing on exams, and undervaluing informal approaches to music, we are preventing young people reaching their full musical potential’ says Sarah Derbyshire is author of Musical Routes: A Landscape for Music Education. Read more

Sir Richard Branson: Give young people a gap year at 16

Young people should be given a gap year to travel the world once they have completed their education at 16, billionaire tycoon Sir Richard Branson has said. In what he described as his most outspoken criticism of the UK’s education system, the founder of Virgin said schools were not preparing young people for the wider world. He called for teenagers to be given greater experience in the “university of life” before making decisions about whether to go on to higher education. Read more

Young People and Heritage

The Heritage Lottery Fund is researching the needs of the heritage sector to engage young people with heritage. The results of this research will inform the planning for their next strategic framework to be introduced in early 2018.They are keen to hear from organisations with all levels of experience, from those with a strong track record of programmes for young people to those who are yet to reach out to this age group. Read more

Young Arts Academy

A network for young people who are interested in the arts; whether you’re a photographer, musician, actor, producer, DJ or poet. The monthly sessions give you the opportunity to meet artists such as Tim and Barry and friends who they work with on Just Jam; Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, Kenrick ‘H20’, Sandy from Boy Blue Entertainment and many others. Read more

Friday Salon: What makes an Artist an Artist?

Open to 16-19 year olds and aimed in particular at secondary school and foundation students, this discussion will look at the role and value of artists in contemporary practice. Invited speakers will discuss the challenges of being a professional artist in the visual arts field. Read more