Tougher A-levels and GCSEs for arts subjects

A-levels and GCSEs in arts subjects in England, including music, drama, art and dance, are to be made more "rigorous and demanding".

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Tougher A-levels and GCSEs for arts subjects

A-levels and GCSEs in arts subjects in England, including music, drama, art and dance, are to be made more "rigorous and demanding" Read here

Michael Gove announced that arts-based subjects are to be reformed as rigorous, demanding and world-class new GCSEs and A levels in two years’ time. More here. The Arts Council have welcomed the announcement. More here.

National Curriculum: Arts Council of England

Althea Efunshile and Laura Gander-Howe talk about the role the Arts Council of England has to play in delivery of the new national curriculum.

New careers guidance will see employers playing a larger role in careers advice in schools.

What role could the creative industries play in this? Read more

London: A Tale of Two Cities.

New report published by The Work Foundation examining the cause of London’s high youth unemployment rates. Read more

University students will be repaying loans into their 50s, say researchers

Government urged to rethink fees and loans system after study finds average student will graduate more than £44,000 in debt. Read more

Government's draft child poverty strategy condemned by social mobility tsar Alan Milburn

The Governments new draft child poverty strategy has been branded a serious missed opportunity by David Camerons social mobility tsar Alan Milburn.Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith's failure to reach agreement with Chancellor George Osborne over his plan to rewrite the official definition of policy was beyond Whitehall farce, said Mr Milburn, who urged ministers to go back to the drawing board. Read more

Latest Taking Part report published (Q3 Adult Report, 2013 – 2014).

Between January and December 2013, over half of adults (54%) had visited a museum or gallery in the last year. This was significantly higher than in any survey year between 2005/06 and 2011/12 and has been an upward trend since 2008/09 (43%). Read more

School websites - designed to keep parents out

If you have children of school age chances are you will have had reason to visit the school's website. Once you get there, the chances are you'll find the gate pretty firmly locked.

Pupil protests – teaching children to campaign

Year eight pupils at an east London free school are learning that they can speak out and make a difference. Read more

Emotional Learning cards Workshop @ Iniva

On Saturday 26 April art therapist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist Lyn French (director of A Space, Hackney) will be running a workshop on creative ways to use our Emotional Learning cards with young people at Iniva, Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA. The workshop is open to all and will consider ways to open-up conversation, creative thinking as well as inspiring art-making.Places are limited so early booking via Eventbrite is advised. Tickets cost £10 per person.

SoundSkool music courses starting in September 2014

If you are working with young people aged 16-18, who may be interested in enrolling on one of our free courses, please let them know about our courses. When you get a chance, please have a quick look at the amazing things our 2013/14 students had to say about SoundSkool. Read more

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